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  1. Captain NEMO's Communications - Internet café in Rio Dulce, Guatemala
  2. Captain NEMO's Comunicaciones - Web designer in Cartagena, Spain.
  3. Captain NEMO's Radio Weblog
  4. Charles NEMO - Author: "Johnny, We hardly Knew Ye! - four Visits with Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy.
  5. Columbus NEMO Tubing -- Specialized steel tubing for custom bicycle grames.
  6. Dave NEMO Radio Network - Catering to OTR truck drivers - you know who you are!
  7. Dr.NEMO - Inventor of stuff
  8. Finding NEMO - Animated movie from Disney, released in 2003.
  9. Little NEMO: The Dream Master - Nintendo game codes, hints, and FAQs.
  10. NEMO - a British Electro pop band who have just released a single: 'Piccadilly  in Sepia'.
  11. NEMO-2 - a Swedish national energy research program for the evaluation, development and promotion of new and renewable forms of energy.
  12. NEMO Classic Diving - Professional diving services and instruction. (From Sweeden?)
  13. NEMO Collaboration Website - Neutrino Telescopes: A New Way to Look at the Sky.
  14. - Graphics designer from Belgium
  15. NEMO In Dubna - The aim of the NEMO collaboration is to investigate double-beta decay without the emission of neutrinos. This research is one of the principal topics in neutrino physics, which is a subfield of particle physics with cosmological and astrophysical implications.
  16. NEMO Engineering - A company that serves client needs for solutions in the design, installation and repair of subsea pipelines and umbilicals.
  17. NEMO Guest Ranch - Located in Nemo, South Dakota near Rapid City. Where the cast and crew from the Kevin Costner movie, Dances With Wolves, stayed while filming.
  18. NEMO Italianaluce - Italian manufacturer of lighting fixtures.
  19. NEMO James - Professional Singer/Songwriter from England. A Site Full Of Great Lyrics And Music Links.
  20. NEMO Multimedia - In questa sezione potete trovare delle informazioni generiche sulle nostre attività e tutte le modalità per contattarci. Siamo sempre disponibili per qualunque chiarimento: basta compilare il modulo on line.
  21. NEMO Nanoelectronic Modeling - The Nanoelectronics Group at Raytheon TI Systems developed NEMO (NanoElectronic MOdeling), a new quantum device simulator that simulates a wide variety of quantum devices, including RTDs, HEMTs, HBTs, superlattices, and Esaki diodes. Got that?
  22. NEMO National Emergency Management Organization - Established by the government of Belize in February of 1999, as the result of government's immediate response to the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, which threatened Belize and ravaged Central America.
  23. NEMO - New Millennium Observatory - The NeMO Project was conceived as a long-term study of the interactions between geology, chemistry, and biology on a dynamic part of the mid-ocean ridge system two hundred and fifty miles off the coast of Oregon, using state-of the art technology.
  24. NEMO Nox Cyberhome - Home Page of professional Brazilian photographer Nox Nemo: literature, photography, games and more. Award winning site, but hasn't been updated since 1997.
  25. NEMO Queue - Developers of electronic 'queuing' software.
  26. NEMO Ramblers Club - Located in Poland, this club bought a country house and grounds in 1998 and created The Nemo Centre to get as many people as possible interested in Polish nature and culture. They are not a hotel or a tourist campsite, but a meeting place where visitors are introduced to the history and the special landscape of Poland, and the people from the region.
  27. NEMO Restaurant - Located in Miami Beach, Florida
  28. NEMO Semret - Home Page of Nemo Semret, PhD student and Graduate Research Assistant, Columbia University Center for Telecommunications Research. 
  29. NEMO Stellar Dynamics Toolbox - Brand name for a collection of computer software utility programs to do something technical.
  30. NEMO Submarine - Underwater tours in Mallorca, Balearic Islands
  31. NEMO Techno Dance Dreamhouse - Home Page musician of Mattias Sacobsson from Sweden who composes and performs with synthesizer based instruments. Site includes music clips.
  32. NEMO Technologies - The core area of business for Nemo Technologies is in developing, manufacturing, and marketing solutions for the measurement needs of wireless network operators, infrastructure manufacturers, and subcontractors.
  33. NEMO - The North East Map Organization - A group dedicated to serving as a unifying body for all who use, produce, collect, and market maps and cartographic information in the Northeast.
  34. NEMO Tile Company Inc. - A New York City distributor of wall, floor, and decorative tiles.
  35. NEMO World - Dive shop and guide in Bora Bora, Polynesia.
  36. NEMO's Place - Information on games
  37. NEMO's Utopia - Nemo’s art is complex, colorful and deeply embedded with symbols. His process involves complete concentration on the breath while maintaining an egoless state, akin to Zen meditation.
  38. NEMO's Web World - Personal Home Page of Mike the drummer. 
  39. Network of European Museum Organizations (NEMO) - Independent professional network which disseminates knowledge from and provides advice to the European Union (EU) bodies regarding museum relevant issues.
  40. New England Marionette Opera (NEMO)
  41. Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Homepage - The NEMO project uses innovative GIS techniques to teach local officials about the sources and impacts of nonpoint source pollution, how different land uses affect water quality, and what towns can do to protect water quality. Sponsored by the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System.
  42. Ohio NEMO - A non-regulatory research based educational program on natural resources based planning. It addresses NPS pollution and its link to different land uses, particularly impervious surfaces and, transport and concentration of pollutants in stormwater.
  43. Pantomime NEMO - Famous German Pantomime performer.
  44. Planet NEMO - Internet magazine for kids.
  45. Wet Paint , Inc. - Artist supply store in St. Paul Minnesota owned by David L. Nemo, famous local artist.

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