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Three sons of Giuseppe and Maria (Esposito) Naimo, born in the hilltop village of Monacilioni in the Campobasso Province of the Molise region of Southern Italy, immigrated to the United States in the early 1900's - Salvator (Sam), Andrea (Andy) and Benedetto (Ben).  A daughter, Giovanna, remained at home.

When these young men arrived at Ellis Island, their name was 'Americanized' to NEMO.  Later, they also took on American nicknames, perhaps as a way to avoid the discrimination against Italians that was quite prevalent in that era, and make it easier to find work.

Today there are well over 800 descendants of these three Naimo's in the United States, mainly in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area of Minnesota where Ben and Sam located, and in Northwest Washington State around Sedro Woolley where Andy located.

Daniel Cotroneo, the great grandson of Ben Nemo, has done the bulk of the work to gather and catalog the ancestors and descendants of the Nemo's that is maintained on this site.  If you have any additions or corrections to the genealogy database, please send them to Daniel. 

In addition to the Naimos who became my family of Nemos in the United States, other Naimo's also migrated from Southern Italy to Australia.  And of course, there are many Naimo's still living in Italy (see map).

If you have questions, information, stories or anything else to share with regard to the Naimo/Nemo clan, please send them to the Webmaster.



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