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Whether the name NEMO is authentic, adopted or contrived, it shows up everywhere. Here's what I've discovered in searching the web. These people, places or things may only be locally famous, but to those of us who share the NEMO name or curiosity, they define the NemoWorld.

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·    Nemo Leibold - Professional baseball player with the Chicago Black/White Sox.     


·    Charles Nemo - Author: "Johnny, We hardly Knew Ye! - four Visits to Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy


·    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.  Featuring Captain Nemo.


·    Nemo Guest Ranch - Located in Nemo, South Dakota near Rapid City, USA

·    Peniche Nemo - A 98 foot Bed & Breakfast Barge for hire to tour the Canal du Midi in France

·    Mount Nemo Conservation Area - located on Ontario Canada's Niagara Escarpment


·    Actors:

o   Nemo

o   Henry Nemo

o   Howard Nemo

o   Rex Nemo

o   Nemo Nomus

o   PantomimeNEMO

·    Actresses:

o   Charlotte Nemo

o   Gina Nemo

·    Composers:

o    Altmann-Nemo

o    Henry Nemo

·    Directors:

o   Nancy Nemo

o   Phillip Nemo

·    Musicians/Bands:

o   NeMo Core - A New York band

o   Nemo - Leader and guitar player for a band called Upside-Downer

o   Nemo Brass Quintet - A band in London, England

o   Nemo James - Professional Singer/Songwriter from England.

o   waxman vs nemo - Famous underground techno musicians

·    Other Creatures: 

o   Nemo -Vietnam War Hero (dog)




·    Nemo, South Dakota, USA - located about 16 miles from Rapid City. Population: not many, maybe 6.


·    NeMo - Computer programming software Nemo Greetings Cards

Restaurants / Bars:

·    Nemo Restaurant - Miami Beach, Florida, USA

·    Captain Nemo's Seafood & Steak House - Orlando, Florida, USA

·    Captain Nemo's Subs & Soups - Chicago, Illinois, USA

·    Captain Nemo's Sandwich Shop - Warwick, Rhode Island, USA Captain

·    Nemo's - Coventry, Rhode Island, USA

·    Captain Nemo's - Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, USA


·    Gym on Nemo Street - West Hollywood, California, USA

·    Little Nemo Bookshop - A bookshop in Torino, Italy

·    Nemo Auto Sales - Providence, Rhode Island, USA

·    Nemo Classic Diving - Professional diving services and instruction. (From Sweden?)

·    Nemo Selecta - On line travel agent.

·    Nemo Tile Company Inc. - New York City, USA

·    Nemo's - A chain of clothing stores in New York City, USA 

·    Nemo's and Jack's Discount Tires - San Bernadino, California, USA

·    Nemo's Bait - Saugus, Massachusetts, USA

·    Nemo's Bakery - Escondido, California, USA

·    Nemo's Construction - Los Angeles, California, USA

·    Nemo's Market - Brockton, Massachusetts, USA  



Television Shows / Movies:

·    Nemo (1984)

·    Isla misteriosa y el capitán Nemo, La (1973)

·    Banque Nemo, La (1934)

·    Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969)

·    Little Nemo (1911)

·    Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1992)

·    Little Nemo: The Dream Master (1990) (VG)

·    Amazing Captain Nemo, The (1978)

·    Nemo's Pizza (Everybody Loves Raymond)

·    Finding Nemo (2003)


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